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Treasury Management

Payment Solutions For Business

An efficient banking and treasury management operation is instrumental to a healthy and growing company. Whether the need is to streamline payables, protect your company against fraud or simply maximize efficiencies in your accounting processes, USAmeriBank has tools available to business clients to add value to their banking relationship.

Liquidity and Cash Management

Credit Line Sweep

Automates movement of funds between your credit line and operating account to minimize interest expense and simplify cash flow.

Zero Balance Account Services

Automates the concentration and disbursement of funds between accounts.


ACH Direct Payments

Utilizing pre-authorized drafts of client payments, you are able to expedite receipt and cash flow.

Remote Deposit Services

Automate deposits until 7:00 pm daily for same day credit, without ever leaving the office. Reduces liability and travel time getting to the bank and maximizes employee resources. Deposits are made in minutes per day.

Image Lockbox

Expedite conversion of incoming receivables into usable cash. USAmeriBank handles the collection and deposit of your payment for you. We provide you access via a web portal to images of all payment and information received for reconcilement of your A/R. It’s simple, affordable and reduces administrative expenses.

Cash Vault Services

Using your existing armored car services USAmeriBank provides the ability to minimize the number of bank accounts by accepting deposits outside of the local footprint.

SafeGuard Vault Services

Automate cash deposits by combining armored car services with secure storage. This service lets clients deposit cash into a secure onsite vault and transmit deposit information electronically to the bank to accelerate cash flow. You will increase business productivity by eliminating deposit discrepancies, research and timely cash handling tasks by your management staff. With access to online reporting, you have visibility into cashier, store and/or companywide deposit details.

Information Management

Secure Access Manager

An internet gateway providing online access to your accounts and a variety of tools to manage your cash flow processes. In addition to timely information of banking transactions, this online platform is your portal to ACH origination; wire transfers; positive pay services; stop payments; account transfers and business bill pay services.

CD-ROM Imaging

Receive and retain images of your monthly bank statements, all paid checks you have issued and/or deposited checks, in a compact and permanent storage. The CD ROM is mailed directly to you and registered by you for ease of future research when this information is needed.

BAI2 Reporting

Information reporting provided in the standardized BAI2 file format to accommodate specialized account reconciliation requirements for clients.


ACH Direct Deposit Payroll and Vendor Payments

Deposit your employees’ pay directly into their personal checking or savings account at the financial institution of their choice. Expense reimbursement, pension payments, dividends and other deposits can also be handled through direct deposit.

Wire Transfers

Expedite payments that must be received immediately. Through an electronic connection to The Federal Reserve, domestic wire transfers can be initiated in minutes. International Wire Transfers are also available in a variety of currencies.

Fraud Detection

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Account Block

Using a blanket ACH Block will prevent any unauthorized ACH debit and/or ACH credit from posting to your account.

ACH Positive Pay

Allows for the screening and filtering of ACH transactions to authorize only certain vendors (originators) to electronically debit your account. Dollar limit thresholds are an available screening option.

Check Positive Pay

Compares the check issue information you send with the checks that paid against your account (serial number and dollar amount). Suspect items are provided to you for review and approve via the Secure Access Manager Positive Pay module. Stale date and dollar thresholds are available screening options.

Full Check Block

Using a Full Check Block will prevent any checks from posting to any account that does not disburse funds using checks.

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