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USAmeriBank excels at helping businesses obtain Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. In fact, we're a market leader with this important financial resource. These loans are backed by the SBA, which allows us to make loans with terms that might not otherwise meet conventional lending criteria. Our business banking team provides unmatched knowledge of the SBA lending program so they can quickly and easily structure a deal to meet your needs.

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Here's what our Clients Say

When Vicki Doble and her family wanted to expand their Tampa Bay Brewing Company operations and open a second Brewpub location, they asked their longtime partners at USAmeriBank about an SBA loan.

The family now has worked with USAmeriBank on three SBA loans, and used the capital to purchase the land for the expansion as well as for the construction of the brewing facility and restaurant.

“The whole SBA process went very smoothly and the entire SBA team was extremely helpful,” said Doble. “We had anticipated the standard 20 percent overage in construction costs, but when costs were a little more than expected, we went back to USAmeriBank for more money, and they made it work for us.”

When USAmeriBank opened its Ybor City branch, Doble immediately switched her business there. She now conducts all of her business and personal banking with USAmeriBank.

“No matter which branch I visit, everyone knows my name. It just feels very comfortable,” said Doble. “Other banks come in all the time trying to get me to switch, but I don’t think I’ll ever leave USAmeriBank.”

Vicki Doble
Tampa Bay Brewing Company, Ybor City



Keith Hiett and his wife Debbie began leasing the StillWaters Golf Club, located right off Lake Martin, in 2015. They operate one golf course and opened a restaurant in the clubhouse, which has experienced great success.

Soon after they began leasing the golf club, the Hietts turned to USAmeriBank to learn more about the SBA loan process so they could later purchase the facilities and equipment.

“It’s a lot of work when you’re doing something of the size we’re working on. There’s a lot that goes into it,” said Hiett. “Being able to get the help we need on the loan process so we can continue to operate the business while pursuing the SBA loan has been a huge help.”

Hiett said he didn’t know much about the SBA loan program before meeting with USAmeriBank. “There’s a lot of information you need to go through no matter what kind of loan you get,” said Hiett. “But USAmeriBank kept everything on track and walked us through the SBA loan process at a good pace.”

Keith Hiett
StillWaters Golf Club, Dadeville, Alabama



When Dr. Daron Diecidue, Founder and CEO of Tampa-based Fast Track Urgent Care, wanted to expand his practice and open a second location, he started looking for a bank that had faith in his business and was well suited to meet his needs as the business grew. USAmeriBank was the perfect fit.

“USAmeriBank has a strong understanding of the local market and is ingrained in the community, which helps them meet the needs of small businesses,” said Dr. Diecidue. “I enjoyed a good relationship with USAmeriBank before, which has translated to the SBA team, too.”

An SBA loan helped Dr. Diecidue purchase the property for a second Fast Track Urgent Care location.

“Navigating the SBA loan process can sometimes be difficult, but the folks at USAmeriBank worked hard to make it as easy as possible for me,” said Dr. Diecidue. “With help from USAmeriBank and the SBA, we now have four locations, with a fifth opening this year and a sixth planned for next year.”

Dr. Daron Diecidue, Founder and CEO
Fast Track Urgent Care, Tampa



Mike Morgan Industrial has been steadily growing, becoming a leader in heavy industrial steel fabrication, installation, and repair services since its inception two years ago. When MMI decided to pursue a loan last year to purchase its facility, which includes five acres in Birmingham, company leaders met with USAmeriBank to consider their options.

MMI considered a conventional loan, but after talking with USAmeriBank’s SBA loan expert, they decided a small business loan was the best option. They also found the terms and rates of the loan to be more desirable.

“USAmeriBank communicated the process to us very well. Although the SBA process was more lengthy and detailed than a conventional loan would have been, USAmeriBank made it as easy as possible,” said Steve Morgan, the company’s vice president. “Overall the product that SBA offered was a better fit for us.”

Steve Morgan
Mike Morgan Industrial, Birmingham, Alabama



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