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Business Services

Business DepositNOW

USAmeriBank’s mobile deposit for businesses allows customers to bank anytime and anywhere. Using Business DepositNOW, business customers can focus on their business while expediting cash flow without ever going to the bank. It’s easy, convenient and secure:

    • Capture front/back images of checks on your mobile device
    • Receive confirmation emails for each deposit
    • Enroll via our mobile application

*fees may apply

DepositNOW Service Agreement

Business Internet Banking

Internet Banking combines convenience with security to give the flexibility to handle banking tasks anytime. Our suite of services frees you from the constraints of regular business hours. You can get answers as questions arise, transfer funds and even make deposits on your schedule. Contact a bank representative for additional information.

For your convenience, an online banking demo is available here. If you wish to enroll please contact a bank representative for additional information.

Business Bill Pay

Business Bill Pay allows our customers to spend less time writing checks and more time managing their businesses. With USAmeriBank's Business Bill Pay service you can:

  • Pay virtually any company, agency, organization or individual within the United States
  • Schedule recurring payments for monthly bills
  • Set-up e-bills and e-mail reminders for bill payments
  • Activate user security features with tiered access and controls
  • Electronically link invoice and credit memo information with your payments
  • Access reports and manage pending payments

Business Deposit Accounts Overview

You have customers to serve and satisfy. So does USAmeriBank and you're one of them. Our Relationship Managers are fully knowledgeable about the specific needs of many types of businesses such as real estate, construction, manufacturing, medical and law practices and CPAs. No matter what your line of business, USAmeriBank will assemble the combination of accounts that meet your requirements and help you grow. Call us at 800-949-5666, or use our locator to find the closest branch to speak with a Customer Service Representative for further account details.

Business Checking

Business Checking with Big Advantages for any Size Business

Whether a sole proprietorship, non-profit, or corporation, USAmeriBank has checking accounts that can help maximize your time and resources. You can choose an account that saves fees or earns interest or both. You can also choose how you receive your monthly statement, such as free E-Statements or in a printed statement with images. You can write as many checks as you want each month and use Secure Access Manager, which turns your office or home computer into a virtual branch of our bank. And, pay your bills online with USAmeriBank's Bill Pay.

Business Analysis Checking

An analysis checking account is used by business customers who benefit from earning credit for deposit balances to offset service fees. All related analysis checking accounts can be linked to combine balances and offset fees. The Earnings Credit Rate is determined at the bank's discretion and may change from time to time.

ZBA Analysis Checking

A zero balance account helps our customers manage their disbursement process by linking a master account to one or more sub account(s) in a zero balance arrangement. When a customer writes checks drawn on the sub account(s), a transfer of funds is automatically initiated from the master account to fund the sub account(s) at the end of each day and bring the balance back to zero. Conversely, excess collected balances in the sub account(s) are automatically transferred to the master at the end of the day. ZBA's can be used for both collections and disbursements.

Business Money Market

Consider consolidating some of your USAmeriBank deposits, or transfer balances from other institutions, to take full advantage of our business money market accounts. Our money market accounts offer both total access to your money and competitive variable rates on several balance tiers.

Business Savings

Business Savings that Turn Profits into Possibilities

USAmeriBank's business savings accounts offer everything from easy access to your money to interest earnings that aren't easy to match. You can even increase your interest rate by adding accounts. Plus, every account gives you the advantage of free SecureACCESSManager, which turns your office or home computer into a virtual branch of our bank.

Certificates of Deposit

For customers who do not require immediate access to their funds and want to earn a higher rate of interest, USAmeriBank offers a variety of CD options and term lengths. Competitive interest is compounded daily. CD accounts are fee-free; however, substantial penalties will apply for early withdrawals. CD accounts earn interest at the Rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) printed on the face of the certificate for the initial term of the certificate. For each automatic renewal, the interest Rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) will renew at the prevailing APY and for the same term length.

Escrow Management Accounts

The Escrow Management Account is a service provided to customers who handle escrow deposits. The handling of escrow deposits for clients can be cumbersome and time-consuming. It normally involves the firm opening separate accounts, allocating interest monthly and preparing 1099's for each client. For small and large firms alike, the clerical time and effort needed to manage these accounts can add up quickly. USAmeriBank handles the cumbersome Deposit Operations, Accounting and Tax Preparation tasks. USAmeriBank Escrow Management system consists of a Master Account (disbursement account) with sub-ledgers for each new escrow client, eliminating the need for multiple accounts. Our computer system can generate combined statements of all sub-account activity each month. The statement provides complete account transaction history and reflects up-to-date account balances and interest information.

Business Term Loans

USAmeriBank offers term loans to finance the purchase of new or used equipment and machinery, to pay for leasehold improvements, or to finance the acquisition of another company. Competitive terms are available and normally vary with the type of financing need.

Business Lines of Credit

USAmeriBank offers lines of credit to help finance your short-term borrowing needs and provide working capital to help level out temporary or seasonal cash flow fluctuations. This type of financing allows you the flexibility to borrow against your line and repay without a fixed schedule.

Other Services

Merchant Services

USAmeriBank Merchant Services offers the latest point-of-sale terminals, software applications, wireless products and e-commerce gateways that provide the optimal credit card acceptance solution for your business. Your business can easily offer customers the convenience of paying with a debit or credit card.

This service provides businesses with the ability to accept electronic payments in the form of credit cards and debit cards. Our partner, Sterling Payment Technologies, also offers a variety of other services, including Electronic Check Verification, Check Guarantee and Check Conversion. They offer state of the art technology, with the latest point of sale terminals, software applications and wireless products to provide optimal solutions for our customers.

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-advantaged medical savings account available for employees enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). It may be funded by payroll deduction and your company's contributions may be tax deductible. Unlike a Flexible Savings Account (FSA), funds roll over and accumulate year after year if not spent.

Funds may be used to pay for qualified medical expenses at any time. These include deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance; dental, vision and chiropractic care; durable medical equipment including eyeglasses and hearing aids; and medical transportation. Prescription medications are also eligible. More information on eligible expenses may be found on the IRS website.

An HSA at USAmeriBank features:

  • Easy, automated, online employee enrollment
  • Set and control participation and contribution criteria
  • Easy program management and access to information online


USAmeriBank can help you do business overseas with:

USAmeriBank offers centralized Wire Transfer services for both Domestic and International Incoming and Outgoing wire transfers. Wires are initiated and processed using Fedline. Wire transfers can be initiated in person at any USAmeriBank branch, by facsimile request (with prior agreement) and via cash management Internet banking.

For your convenience we have provided customizable Incoming Wire Instructions. Please click on the attached link to view and complete the Incoming Wire instructions form. For further assistance using the Incoming Wire Instructions form or to initiate Outgoing Wire Transfer requests, contact your local branch office.Incoming Domestic Wiring Instructions

Incoming International US Dollar Wiring Instructions

Customer service for International Incoming Foreign Currency Wire Instructions:
Call: 727-260-6424 or email
Toll Free: 1-800-949-5666

Wire Transfer

Foreign Exchange

Purchasing foreign currency in advance saves time and makes traveling on business easier. For added convenience, we buy foreign currency as well.

International Collection Items

For your convenience we process international collection items such as drafts and checks and we process them through our correspondent banks.

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