March 26, 2017
USAB’s Curtis Anthony shares tips with Birmingham residents on living a healthy financial life

For people interested in saving more money, there are steps you can do right now to get started, like setting a budget and keeping track of your expenses throughout the month. Curtis Anthony, Senior Vice President, Relationship Manager at USAmeriBank in Birmingham, shared helpful tips with listeners for 95.7JAMZ’s “Know More, Live Better” series.

A few tips Anthony offered on leading a financially healthy life are:

  • Set a budget. Start by breaking your budget into three different buckets – income, expenses and savings. Your budget will help you identify wasteful spending so you can make necessary changes to achieve your financial goals.
  • Add a line item to your budget that includes paying yourself. Set it up so money is automatically sent to your savings account each time you get paid so you’re regularly adding to your savings.
  • For a month, write down everything you spend money on and how much you’re spending every day. This will help you identify where you can cut spending in order to save more.
  • Cut costs around the house. For example, buying a hot water heater jacket will help your water heater run more efficiently. Making these changes will help lower the cost of your monthly electric bill so you can save more money over time.
  • Be sure to stay on top of your credit card payments. Being late on even a $10 a month payment can hurt your credit score as much as being late on a $1,000 payment.Set up automatic bill pay so you don’t miss any due dates.




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