February 26, 2017
USAmeriBank and Tampa General Hospital partner to expand program that uses “integrative arts” to help hospital patients

Dr. Sheela Chokshi uses the arts to help patients at Tampa General Hospital become active participants in their own care.

Recognizing subtle interactions of the mind and body, Dr. Chokshi and her Integrative Arts in Medicine team guide patients through techniques like mindful breathing, guided imagery, music, reflexology, art and yoga to help manage pain and promote overall therapeutic relaxation.

USAmeriBank has partnered with Tampa General Hospital to help the Integrative Arts in Medicine Program meet increased demand from patients.

The bank’s commitment to the hospital also includes funding to provide local art in the TGH Brandon Healthplex, creating an inviting atmosphere that will help patients and families have a positive experience. Research shows a link between the content of images and the brain’s reaction to pain, stress and anxiety.



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