December 6, 2017
Five Ways Your Business Can Give Back this Holiday Season

As a leader in the business community, you are provided with an opportunity to connect with many individuals within the community.  During the year, some of these individuals become customers, while others may provide your business with needed services.  In either case, it is important to recognize that a community is dependent on its business leaders and that their decisions can make a huge impact.  At USAmeriBank we are passionate about supporting our community and invite you to join us in giving back. If you are looking for ways to give back during the holidays, consider one of the following five ideas.    

•    Participate in a Food or Toy Drive – This is an easy and fun way for a company to give back during the holiday season.  Almost every community has an organization that works to collect food or toys for the holidays.  Select an organization, contact them about their needs, and create a mini-collection event within your company.  To increase participation and build morale, your food or toy drive can be paired with a social event, like a pot luck lunch for example. Need some help choosing an organization? Consider one of the local charities that USAmeriBank supports -  Joy of Giving Tampa, Community Foodbank of Central Alabama, or the Montgomery Area Food Bank. 

•    Swap Customer Gifts with Donations – Although customers enjoy receiving the annual fruit basket from your company, they most likely appreciate the thought more than the actual gift.  Rather than giving holiday gifts, consider donating to a local charity on behalf of your customer.  Likewise, if you would like to personalize the donation, provide your customers with a selection of charities and allow them to select which they would like to receive the gift.  The cost of a large holiday basket could feed a family for a week or provide toys for multiple children on Christmas day. Supporting an individual’s favorite charity can leave a lasting impression that a gift basket could never match.

•    Adopt a Family – Looking for an idea that gives back and encourages team communication?  Consider adopting a local family that is having trouble making ends meet during the holiday season.  This is a perfect activity for a small company or group because a few people can make a big difference! Adopting a family helps put the holidays in perspective for those participating, especially when many requests focus on basic necessities like food, clothing and hygiene products. The joy of helping a family to have a happy holiday becomes infectious and a positive force for the team and throughout the company.

•    Show Some Employee Appreciation - Giving back this holiday season doesn't have to only be focused on contributing to a community cause.  As a business leader, you can also show appreciation to the people that help to make you successful – your employees!  Organize a unique holiday party for your staff, offer some extra paid time off, bring some treats in for the team, or just write a few letters letting people know that you appreciate them.  A little appreciation can go a long way and make your office excited and motivated for the next year.

•    Perform a Small Act of Kindness –  Sometimes we tend to discount the little things, but the little things are what make life interesting.  Instead of organizing a large event, think about how you can perform a small act of kindness. Maybe go through your closet and donate some of your gently worn clothes, donate blood, adopt a local classroom, pay for the parking of a random stranger, give a generous tip for great service, or spread some good news about someone you know.  There are a number of small things you can do on your own that can make a big difference.  With that mind, don’t wait for the holiday season to organize an event –be a leader and make something positive happen every day.   

As we mentioned, the holidays can be a great time to recognize all the ways in which your community and employees support your business.  Remember that you don’t need elaborate gestures to show how much you care and that even the smallest actions can have a huge impact.  If you would like information on how USAmeriBank gives back to the community or if you have small business banking needs, we would enjoy the opportunity to discuss.  Contact us at or at 1-800-500-1044 to learn about what our team can do for you.



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