July 13, 2015

Even though Kinnucan’s is a relatively new customer of USAmeriBank, its leadership team has already seen firsthand the advantages of the bank’s highly personal and customized approach.

Kinnucan’s, an established specialty retailer offering the latest outfitter apparel and goods, needed additional lines of credit to acquire new inventory for three new stores it was planning to open.

“A lot of banks are challenged by this type of lending,” said Bobby Lake, President of Kinnucan’s.

USAmeriBank lenders sat down with the Kinnucan’s team to learn about their business and hear their challenges in order to craft a loan that worked for them. “It’s a testament to the bank that from the very beginning they said, ‘let’s come up with something that works for you,’” Lake said.

Bobby Lake

President, Kinnucan’s Specialty Outfitter

Auburn, AL