July 14, 2015

Bank customer JM Wood Auction Company’s long 33-year relationship with the bank is a testament to USAmeriBank’s focus on providing highly personal service to its customers.

“We get banks wanting us to change our business every day, but we are happy,” said Bryant Wood, Vice President of JM Wood. “Whenever we need something, there is never a worry because we know our bankers are there.”

As one of the top construction auction companies in the United States, JM Wood sells approximately 15,000 pieces of equipment a year – everything from automobiles to heavy equipment like excavators. The company relies heavily on wire transfers to conduct its business and USAmeriBank is always there to help manage JM Wood’s cash flow.

“Our bankers have always taken care of our business like it’s their own,” Wood said. “They make sure we have the tools we need to run our business.”

Bryant Wood

JM Wood Auction Company

Montgomery, AL