About USAmeriBank

Deeply experienced. Customer focused. Values driven.

At the heart of USAmeriBank’s success are better bankers. These are among the most tenured financial professionals you’ll find anywhere – men and women who know their business inside and out, care for customers with a dedication that gets them up early and has them working late, and connects them deeply to the communities they serve.

As a leading independent bank serving Florida and Alabama with more than $3 billion in assets, USAmeriBank is highly capitalized to ensure tremendous financial stability and provide the flexibility to offer solutions that are beyond of the capabilities of rigid regional or national companies. In addition, we give customers timely technologies and tools to make getting information and completing transactions easy and secure.

At USAmeriBank we support our customers’ success by providing comprehensive services that make it easier for you to manage your day-to-day cash management functions and meet your financial goals. Our Treasury Management capabilities include online banking access, a host of receivables solutions, including remote deposit capture, payment solutions, electronic wire transfers, ACH origination, automated investment sweeps and many more.

Think of it as craft banking.

At USAmeriBank, customers experience something found nowhere else in the community: craft banking. Our deeply experienced bankers have the kind of passion for their profession and stubborn insistence on quality you also see at your favorite craft brewery, artisan bakery or custom tailor. We take the extra time, and go the extra mile, to make sure we add real value to your life through our services.

Drawing from the financial strength and timely technologies of the independent leader in area, we custom create banking solutions that perfectly suit your unique needs and goals. That’s why USAmeriBank is the choice of those who want more than the mass-produced offerings of faceless mega-banks.

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