Treasury Management

At USAmeriBank we support our customers’ success by providing comprehensive services that make it easier for you to manage your day to day cash management functions and meet your financial goals. Our Treasury Management capabilities include online banking access, a host of receivables solutions, including remote deposit capture, payment solutions including electronic wire transfers, ACH origination, automated sweeps and many more.

Information Management

Secure Access Manager

Secure Access Manager provides real-time access to your account information from your PC with an Internet Connection. With instant access you can save time and streamline your financial processes. In addition to information reporting, Secure Access Manager provides a portal to a variety of cash management services. For your convenience, an online banking demo is available here. If you wish to enroll please contact a bank representative for additional information.

CD-ROM Imaging

CD-ROM imaging allows corporate customers to receive images of checks on a CD instead of images on the statement. At the end of each statement cycle, the bank captures images of all checks and transfers the images onto a CD and mails to the customer. This is a great service for corporate clients who issue a high volume of checks, do not want the trouble of storing paper items and need the ability to retrieve copies of checks quickly.


Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) enables businesses to deposit checks electronically rather than transporting them to the bank. With RDC, a business scans deposits and transmits an electronic file of check images over the Internet to the Bank. Using RDC, business customers can streamline their cash management function, lower operational and transportation costs and extend deposit cut-off times. Subject to credit approval.

Lockbox Image Services

Improve efficiencies while receiving payments faster with USAmeriBank’s Lockbox Service. USAmeriBank’s Lockbox Service provides an efficient, safe and cost effective method for you to receive, deposit and post payment receipts for low to high volume remittance accounts. With Lockbox, your receivables are sent directly to a local P.O. Box where we pick up your mail daily and handle the processing of payments for you. The funds are deposited directly into your account, accelerating your funds availability.


Business Bill Pay

Business Bill Pay allows our customers to spend less time writing checks and more time managing their businesses.

With USAmeriBank’s Business Bill Pay service you can:

  • Pay virtually any company, agency, organization or individual within the United States.
  • Schedule recurring payments for monthly bills.
  • Set-up e-bills and e-mail reminders for bill payments.
  • Activate user security features with tiered access and controls.
  • Electronically link invoice and credit memo information with your payments.
  • Access reports and manage pending payments.

ACH Origination

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) system is a network of financial institutions, and regional associations that process and settle electronic transactions for our clients, thereby increasing reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. ACH is an alternative to issuing paper checks that allows transferring of more information about a payment than is possible on a check. Both debits and credits can be originated for business to business or business to consumer transactions. This product is suitable for offering direct deposit to employees, cash concentration of funds from different locations, payments to vendors and electronically drafting payments from customers or vendors. Subject to credit approval.

Wire Transfer Services

USAmeriBank’s Wire Transfer Services allow you to make fast, verifiable payments nationally and internationally. Funds are transferred directly from your selected business banking account to another account. The result is a real time payment. With no check to clear, your payment is credited immediately. Secure wire transfers may be initiated through online banking or in person at any branch. Contact your Relationship Manager for other options that may be available.


Credit Line Sweep

Credit Line Sweep is an automatic cash management tool that moves funds to where they will help you most. You set an optimum balance for your business checking or other asset accounts. Then, on a daily basis, cash in excess of that balance is swept into your active Line of Credit to pay down the balance and interest. Any day the checking balance falls short, it is automatically topped up from your Line of Credit so you always have sufficient funds.

Repo Sweep Account

A Repo Sweep Account offers customers the ability to divert excess funds from a base account at the end of the day to an investment account also known as the Repurchase Account. This account allows for profit entities to earn interest, while having the ability to write unlimited checks. The bank pledges highly rated investments against the customers’ deposits which also provides protection for funds in excess of the FDIC insurance limits. Customers may also choose to sweep funds to and from a Line of Credit each day.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

A Zero Balance Account helps our customers manage their disbursement process by linking a master account to one or more sub account(s) in a zero balance arrangement. When a customer writes checks drawn on the sub account(s), a transfer of funds is automatically initiated from the master account to fund the sub account(s) at the end of each day and bring the balance back to zero. Conversely, excess collected balances in the sub account(s) are automatically transferred to the master at the end of the day. ZBA can be used for both collections and disbursements.

Fraud Prevention

ACH Block Services

USAmeriBank’s ACH Block Services are a convenient and inexpensive way to protect your accounts from unauthorized debits.

FedPayments Reporter

USAmeriBank’s FedPayments Reporter Service is the reporting tool for USAmeriBank’s ACH Originators providing detailed information on ACH Returns and NOC’s. In addition to ACH Originators, for customers who require extensive detail on ACH transactions posted to their accounts, we offer FedPayments Reporter. With FedPayments Reporter, we provide our customers direct access to the Federal Reserve System. Customers can view up to 10 days of ACH transaction history posted to their account(s) at USAmeriBank. When an ACH transaction is posted, our customers receive an email notification from the Fed with a link to the website. They log on to the website using their email address and password for access to the report. The report can be downloaded in a variety of formats, including PDF, TEXT or HTML.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a service designed to protect our customers’ accounts from check fraud losses. With Positive Pay our customers provide USAmeriBank with check issue information. As checks are presented for payment, we verify both the dollar amount and the check numbers. Any checks that fail to match our customer’s issue information are called “exceptions”. USAmeriBank notifies our customers daily of any exceptions via the Online Banking Exception Report. Our customers review the exceptions and enter their online decision whether to pay or to return each individual item. Positive Pay is the most effective tool to combat check fraud available today.

Positive Pay Demo – Business