Fraud Prevention

USAmeriBank will never ask for or send personal or account information through email, text message or phone. We will only contact you regarding account changes or secure account information through post mail, fax, or your MyAccess online account.

If you receive a communication involving personal or account information through email, text message or phone, you may be at risk of being a victim of a form of identity theft called "phishing."

What is phishing?

Phishing involves identity thieves stealing personal information by posing as a financial institution, credit card company, online merchant, utility company, internet service provider, government agency, or prospective employer, and asking people to provide their Social Security numbers, account numbers, pins, passwords and more.

How can I detect phishing?

Perpetrators use automated dialers, text messages or emails to misinform consumers that their accounts have been closed due to fraud. Most emails include a link that takes consumers to an exact replica of the company's website. Consumers are then prompted to enter their card information or account number, running the potential risk of having their information used to fraudulently purchase goods and services or to obtain credit.

Report suspicious activity involving your USAmeriBank accounts emailing

For more information on phishing, visit the following websites: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Anti-Phishing Working Group, and the OCC Consumer Protection News.