Business Loans

USAmeriBank provides fixed and variable rate financing solutions for those who value a total banking relationship. With local ownership, management and decision-making, USAmeriBank can customize commercial loans and lines of credit that will best serve your borrowing needs. Feel free to contact one of our commercial lending specialists directly to learn more or start an application.

To speak to a Commercial Lending Specialist, contact your nearby branch.

Commercial Real Estate

Real estate is a local business, and that’s why commercial real estate developers, owners, investors and managers are best served by a strong local bank. In Tampa Bay, that financial partner is USAmeriBank.

We know first-hand the conditions and potential in the market, and our Relationship Managers are part-owners of USAmeriBank, so they have a long-term commitment to the business and to their customers.

Our local decision-makers can act fast to put together a solution that answers your needs. USAmeriBank is an active lender in the market, and if needed, we can partner with other strong, business-oriented banks for larger loans.

Every real estate transaction is a vote of confidence in the region we call home, and USAmeriBank stands ready to help. Contact your local Relationship Manager today.

Business Term Loans

USAmeriBank offers term loans to finance the purchase of new or used equipment and machinery, to pay for leasehold improvements, or to finance the acquisition of another company. Competitive terms are available and normally vary with the type of financing need.

Business Lines of Credit

USAmeriBank offers lines of credit to help finance your short-term borrowing needs and provide working capital to help level out temporary or seasonal cash flow fluctuations. This type of financing allows you the flexibility to borrow against your line and repay without a fixed schedule.


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